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January 2018 - NOW

Building the future of sales with lemlist

The three Co-Founders founded lemlist back in 2018 at Station F, the famous startup hub in Paris. This was the start of their journey from $0 to $2M ARR in two years without any funding.

Loved by 1000s of users and companies like Zendesk, Amazon, and Uber, lemlist became the pioneer of dynamic personalization helping people get more replies to their cold emails.

Today, the team consists of 18 people in total, all fiercely motivated to continue building a complete omnichannel tool for sales professionals.

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Introducing lemkit, an open source software

lemkit is our internal toolkit that helps us increase efficiency and stay productive.

It's will be open sourced soon, so stay tuned. When we drop the news, you'll love it.

  • Save time with shortcuts on every app you’re using
  • Open admin panel for every user of your product
  • Never have to close down or shut programs
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